Why choose Rookie Driver™? One of the most important components to increased teen driver safety is identifying new drivers. When other drivers recognize there is a novice behind the wheel, they know to be more cautious and forgiving.As adults, we’ve all experienced moments of irrational and impatient horn honking at “that scatterbrain in front of us” who on closer inspection turns out to be a neighborhood kid. Rookie Driver™ products serve as a reminder for experienced drivers to extend courtesy, respect, and patience to Rookie Drivers everywhere.

Rookie Driver™ is a ‘branded’ symbol that is instantly recognized by other drivers and immediately identifies teen drivers operating during their first year of licensing…..their rookie driving season. If you expect your teen driver to accept the use of a new driver alert product, then give them a positive choice they can feel good about. Unlike ‘Student Driver’ or ‘New Driver’, teens positively embrace Rookie Driver™ as they associate it with their favorite rookie sports athletes….the BEST newcomers on the scene.

Rookie Driver™ products clearly differentiate between Driver’s Ed students, accompanied by trainers in dual-brake vehicles, and those individuals who are provisionally licensed accompanied by their parents, or driving independently under state-specific Graduated Provisional Licensing requirements for new drivers. Regardless of where your student is in the licensing process, Rookie Driver™ products provide logo recognition in all 50 states.

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Rookie Driver™ Co-founders, Austin & Corinne Fortenbacher

“We have 3 sons and when our second son, Austin, received his driver’s permit we felt we needed to create a way to inform other drivers that a “new driver” was at the wheel and Rookie Driver™ products were developed.
We have found that by displaying Rookie Driver™ products on our car, other drivers are more courteous, cautious and forgiving when teens are at the wheel. “

~ Corinne Fortenbacher


  1. I sent a little note to a 17 year old girl congratulating her on getting her driver’s license. I don’t know how to reply to her note back to me, as I am a parent and understand how this mother feels but I also understand (in a way) the 17 year old. Here is her reply back to me

    “thanks! i’m excited except for the fact that i can’t go anywhere! My mom is soooo paranoid about me getting killed. yeah, she used the words getting killed. i can’t believe she’s so negative, i’m not going to drive like an idiot. and anything after that is beyond my control, or hers. ”

    Any ideas?

    Dee(a parent and grandmother)

  2. I would suggest to her that she spends more time driving around with her Mom. She needs to show her Mom that she is a competent driver. I understand the Mom’s concern and feel the same way with my son. We give him a little more “freedom” as time goes on and we feel more confident with his driving skills. There are times we don’t let him drive, and honestly that doesn’t make him happy either (i.e. bad weather, busy holidays ect.) We try to make him understand that one day he will have enough experience to handle those types of situations, but for now he is just to new of a driver. Driving is all about practice – and if her Mom isn’t confident in her driving skills then she needs to practice more with her. It is also important for the daughter to understand that her Mom is not punishing her – she loves her and is doing what she feels is the best for her. I’m sure her Mom doesn’t feel her daughter is an idiot – but there are other drivers out there who are. An important part of driving is looking out for the other drivers – again experience will teach her that.

    Good luck to both of them – with parience and practice – she’ll earn her driving freedom.


  3. Hi, I just bought the “New Driver” car magnet and can’t wait for it to arrive. My 16 year old son just got his learner’s permit and we have been practicing the past 3 weekends for about 1/2 an hour. He is improving with his control each time. Last weekend I chose a county road that every time I had driven it seems to be almost empty. Well every body was on it. He was doing fine and was going the speed limit or near the speed limit. A stupid driver pulled out, passed him on a double yellow line, honker her horn when parallell with us, then flipped my son off as she “put the pedal to the metal” and speeded off. I was hoping a cop was somewhere near by but sadly none were. This upset my son and angered him. I calmly said” it is her problem not yours. You were obeying the speed limit.” I am sure this disgruntled driver was unaware that she actually almost caused my son to lose his concentration. So when I found this website and the ability to buy a car magnet to announce it is is a “new driver” behind the wheel and I am hoping it will encourage approaching rear drivers to be more patient and understanding. The amount of road anger and rage out there seems very high these days.

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