I was born and raised in Spring Lake, Michigan.   After High School I moved to California to live with my older brother and attend college.   While living in Modesto, California I worked for a local radio station, and later worked at the Modesto Bee Newspaper in the advertising department.   I moved back to Michigan in the spring of 1986 and worked for a Fortune 500 furniture company in the Human Resources Department for 17 years.   With the numerous rounds of job eliminations I was participating in, I lost the enthusiasm for that line of work, so I resigned and teamed up with my husband, Jeff, as a Director-of-Regional-Support for a national smoothie and coffee franchise company.   For the past 5 years we have been responsible for marketing and developing new franchises for the state of Michigan.

We have 3 sons, Aaron 23, Austin 15 and Taylor 13.   I learned quickly that working out of our home office offered me the opportunity to become very active in our teen-age sons lives.

When our second son, Austin, received his drivers training permit we felt we needed to develop a teen-friendly way to inform other drivers that a new driver was at the wheel.   With my marketing and development experience and background, it seemed like a fun project with great merit AND a project I could share with Austin.   I also wanted to share with others the many safety resources available on how to improve safer teen driving, so we created the RookieDriver.Net website.   This allows parents and teens access from our website to many other extremely helpful websites, all related to teen driver safety.

We have found by using the ‘Rookie Driver’ products that other drivers are more courteous, cautious and forgiving when teens are at the wheel.   I am no longer a bundle of nerves when Austin is driving because of the ‘Rookie Driver’ products we use on our car…..other drivers know he is learning and have repeatedly given him extra space in heavy traffic, openings when he needs to change lanes and an encouraging thumbs up sign while he is driving.

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