Corinne Fortenbacher:   Corinne@RookieDriver.Net
Austin Fortenbacher:   Austin@RookieDriver.Net
Company Email:  RookieDriver@RookieDriver.Net
Telephone: 888-285-7875

Web Site: www.RookieDriver.Net
Media Room:

Spring Lake, Michigan

RookieDriver.Net is Registered in the state of Michigan.


  1. where can i find that Rookie Drive infomation into the car., people will know that there is rookie drive. 🙂

  2. You can place your order at or if you would like to speak with Corinne, she can be reached at 1-888-285-7875.

  3. Interesting teen driver post here:

  4. This is a great way to spread awareness of the dangers of distracted driving! Here is a link to a website that expands on promoting safety concerning teen drivers. It is filled with webisodes, PSAs, and other useful information concerning the subject!

  5. I just saw a video on CNN about a new app that is out (on Android and iPhones) called SIPS (Safety Information and Protection System). It basicially alerts paretns when their teens are texting while driving, leave a pre-determined boundary, or exceed a pre-determined speed).

    I think this app will give parents additional peace of mind, and will encourage teens to make better and safer driving decisions!

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