Rookie Driver Brand New Driver Signs | New Driver Magnets Granted Trademarks

RookieDriver.Net, a leading online provider of teen driving safety products recently acquired federal trademarks for their new driver signs and new driver magnets symbol which are placed on cars as a safety precaution.

Since 2006, the ‘branded’ symbol has helped identify new drivers when they begin driving with their parents on a learners permit. The new driver signs are now registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, nationally designated to help alert other drivers in all 50 states that there is a new teen driver behind the wheel of a car with their parents.

The new driver symbol was created to increase awareness towards inexperienced drivers and it is the first standardized national symbol to recognize new drivers. The new driver car magnets provide a national ‘branded’ solution to identifying a new driver’s vehicle and this allows experienced drivers in every state to quickly identify the symbol and anticipate common new driver mistakes.

The new driver signs were created in 2006 by a mother, Corinne Fortenbacher, and her 15 year-old son Austin in an effort to help reduce accidents and to bring national attention to the issue of teen driving safety, the leading cause of death for young people in the U.S.

Most states have implemented longer graduated drivers license programs that allow more time for parents to drive with their children during the learners permit phase. Supervised parent involvement with extended learning time proves to reduce exposure to high-risk situations, according to safety experts.

Until now, one of the most overlooked components in improving new teen driver safety has been identifying their cars with nationally standardized New Driver signs. Inexperience is the leading cause of teen driving accidents. By increasing awareness of new drivers, parents can help minimize traffic related deaths and injuries.