Michigan’s Graduated Driver’s License Level 2 Restrictions Change

Graduated Driver’s License Level 2 Restrictions will take effect on March 30, 2011. The law will add the following new requirements:

Prohibit a driver with a Level 2 graduated driver’s license (GDL) from operating a motor vehicle carrying more than one passenger who is under 21 years of age, unless:
a. passengers are members of the driver’s immediate family, or
b. travel is to or from school or a school-sanctioned event.

In addition, the nighttime restriction has been extended to 10:00 p.m. from the original midnight starting time. The new nighttime restriction is from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m unless driving to or from employment.

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to see.

Both of these restrictions remain for the duration of the Level 2 graduated driver’s license.

The sanctions for violating these new provisions are:
A civil infraction is entered and 2 points are added to the driving record.
Notice of the civil infraction shall be sent to a designated parent or guardian.
GDL Level 2 period is extended for 12 months.
A driver reexamination will be scheduled with possible license suspension and/or additional restrictions imposed.

For additional information, please visit the Michigan Department of State website at http://www.Michigan.gov/sos. You may also contact us by telephone at (517) 241-6850 or by email at DriverEd@Michigan.gov.


  1. I work in youth ministry, and we have a group that meets on Saturdays from 6:30 – 10:00. We are now looking at having to change our hours just to accommodate the couple kids who this applies to. I seriously think 10:00 is way to early. This will prohibit kids from attending a 9:00 movie on a Friday night, a local concert, some youth ministry events, a minor league baseball game in South Bend, just lots of limitations. The midnight deadline was very fair, and the restrictions on passengers seems wise.

    • I agree with the above comment, 10 pm is too early. School football games let out anywhere between 9:30 and 10pm. If your child is a football player, a band member, colorguard member, or volunteer helper, then he/she would NOT be able to leave immediately after the game. These kids have tasks to complete before leaving for home….like putting away equipment, meeting with their coach or leader, going through all of the bleachers/stands to pick up garbage left behind by spectators, and other miscellaneous duties. These kids hardly EVER are able to get home by 10 pm on a game night. And what about “away” games? Shall we ticket, fine, or otherwise punish these conscientious kids????
      Also, when my kids’ high school has dances, they are immediately following the football games, and last until 11pm. With the dances only lasting 1 hour, should my kids have to come home between the game and the dance to bring home the car and then have me drive them BACK to the school again and then pick them up again in less than an hour??? (By the way, if they have to bring the car home and get driven back to the school, they would lose out on about 25 minutes of that one hour dance . What a stupid waste of time, not to mention a stupid waste of gas, energy, and money. Don’t you agree???) Maybe the Secretary of State should get all of the state’s schools, church youth groups, and other organizations to re-schedule all activities geared toward teens to an earlier time so as to be able to adhere to this new nighttime restriction.
      Or shall we just go back to the previous time restriction?
      I’ve got an idea…….let’s put it to a vote!!!!

  2. This law makes no sense. In the laws eyes you are considered an adult at 17. and at 18 you have to register for the army, were they can be sent and killed. But can’t drive when you want.

  3. I agree, the 10 p.m. curfew is way too early

  4. Better safe than sorry. 10 p.m. is ok with me!

  5. I, (L/E) Just stopped a 16 year old “Level two”, for drag racing on the wrong side of the road. He had his friend (16) and brother in the car (14). And add to this, numerous other infractions for running red lights etc. Maturity is a big factor when allowing, “children” to operate a potential lethal weapon.

  6. I recently got pulled over because i didn’t realize my headlights were off, I was in a well lighted area. I was written a ticket for 1 extra person in the car and the headlights off. What is going to happen. This was my first time being pulled over. I have my level 2 and im 16

    • you will have to go to court, and plea, pay a fine, and then the court will send the information to the secretary of state, and you may gets 2 pts on your license, which will up your insurance.

  7. I totaly feel what you are saying,soon to be anonymous mother who is tired of wasting pointless time on the law.It just isn’t fair!Why do most teens have to suffer for the lack of otherdrivers responsibility?SHALL WE BE PUNISHED FOR OTHERS WRONG DOING?GR8

  8. Most of the concerns mentioned on this site do not apply to the 10pm restriction. Note that the GDL Parent guide details what events are considered an ‘authorized activity’.
    These ‘authorized activities’ include all school sanctioned events (football, band, colorguard, volunteer…), all activities/events sponsored by tax exempt religious organizations (youth group activities), extracurricular activities/events that are part of an official organization (minor league baseball, club soccer…), vocational training and emergency transport (medical, police, abuse…).
    This manual can be found on the SOS website searching for GDL.
    These exceptions should appease 90% of your concerns.

  9. ok I’m 16 and hold a level two license. My friend has invited my boyfriend and me to a dance at her school which ends at eleven. this is a school sanctioned event, however i am homeschooled. does this event apply to me and my possibly driving there and back. if i can drive that also leaves the question can i drop him off at a checkpoint and then turn around and go home or do i have to go straight home?

  10. Click to access Michigans_Graduated_Licensing_System_153498_7.pdf

    Read the definition of “Authorized Activity”

    • Thank you. I think the exemption for religious activities was not ORIGINALLY in the law. But I can’t say for certain. It may have just been there without our teens realizing it.

  11. CHANGE the 10 pm law. Way to early. I can’t do anything on a Friday or Saturday night. What if I wante to see a 9 movie. I wouldn’t be able to drive.

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