Best Student Driver Signs | Student Driver Magnets Don’t Use the Word Student…Find out why??

RookieDriver.Net, a leading online provider of teen driving safety information, has been granted registered trademarks for the company’s ‘Rookie Driver’ and ‘Rookie Driver In Training’ auto magnets, for use as nationally recognized symbols to alert OTHER drivers that inexperienced new teen drivers are driving with their parents on a learners permit.

Created in 2006 by Corinne Fortenbacher and her 15 year-old son Austin, the unique car magnet symbols are the only new driver alert products to be granted federally registered trademarks for this category. They’re bringing national media attention to the issue of teen driving safety because more needs to be done to prevent teen crashes, the leading cause of death for young people in the U.S.

Fortenbacher cautions that many parents use student driver signs or student driver magnets on their cars, AFTER their teen has completed drivers training, while driving with their new teen drivers on their learners permit. This can give other drivers a false sense of security by assuming the ‘student driver’ is accompanied by a certified student driver teacher in a dual-brake vehicle.

Fortenbacher says the “Branded” rookie driver symbols have the potential to dramatically increase awareness towards inexperienced drivers, while driving with their parents on their learners permit, because they are the first standardized national symbols to recognize new drivers, while driving with their parents. The symbols are in use in all 50 states.

Fortenbacher says that inexperience is the leading cause of teen driving accidents. One of the most overlooked components in improving safety is simply identifying the new driver’s car with a standardized magnetic symbol that alerts other drivers that there is a novice driver behind the wheel. This allows experienced drivers to anticipate common new driver mistakes.


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