July Is Deadliest Month For Florida Teen Drivers

Tampa Ranked #1 In Nation For Deadly Teen Crashes
NORTHBROOK, IL (CBS4) ― When it comes to teens behind the wheel in South Florida – July is the deadliest month.

In a study of federal crash statistics, insurance claims data and U.S. Census bureau statistics on the rate of fatal crashes involving teens, Allstate Insurance found the deadliest driving days for Miami – Ft Lauderdale teens occur in the month of July.

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The “Allstate America’s Teen Driving Hotspots” identified the top 50 U.S cities for deadly accidents involving teens compared to the size of their ten populations; three Florida cities topped the list.

1. Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater
2. Orlando/Kissimmee
3. Jacksonville

4. Nashville, Tennessee
5. Birmingham, Alabama
6. Phoenix, Arizona
7. Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas
8. Atlanta, Georgia
9. Charlotte, N. Carolina
10. Louisville, Kentucky

The Miami/Ft. Lauderdale region was ranked at 18th on the list.

“Every day can be a dangerous driving day if teen drivers let distractions affect their ability to be safe,” said Phil Lawson, Field Vice President – Florida Region. “The best thing parents and teens can do to avoid accidents is to have ongoing conversations on smart driving techniques.”

The metro areas with the fewest deadly teen accidents considering teen overall teen populations were:

1. San Francisco/Oakland, California
2. San Jose, California
3. New York City
4. Los Angeles, California
5. Cleveland, Ohio
6. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
7. Boston, Massachusetts
8. Portland, Oregon
9. Salt Lake City, Utah
10. Chicago, Illinois

During the summer months of June, July and August, the three months with the highest teen crash rates nationally, an average of more than 17 teens a day die on American roads, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Police reports of deadly accidents involving teens from 2003 to 2005 indicate ‘driver error’ was the primary cause of the accident nearly 90-percent of the time.

Source: MMVIII, CBS Broadcasting Inc.


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