Building Support for National Teen Driver Safety Week


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Building Support for National Teen Driver Safety Week

 On September 5, 2007, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill, establishing every third week in October as National Teen Driver Safety Week.  Corinne Fortenbacher, a leading supporter of teen driver safety, says the new bill has gotten very little national attention and she is looking to the media for help in spreading the word. 

According to its’ sponsors, the goal of National Teen Driver Safety Week is to focus on the development and communication of effective methods to help reduce crashes involving teen drivers.  Congressman Charlie Dent (R-PA) introduced the bill.  An identical bill, introduced by Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), awaits approval in the U.S. Senate. 

Fortenbacher, president of Rookie Driver.Net, is issuing news releases to over 2000 media outlets in hopes of getting the national media to concentrate on joining others across the country to increase awareness about teen driver safety October 15-20.  Rookie Driver.Net is an online provider of teen driver safety education tools and products. 

“We’re trying to bring national media attention to the issue of teen driving safety because more needs to be done to prevent teen crashes, the leading cause of death for young people in the U.S.,” Fortenbacher says.  “The week is dedicated and intended to inspire dialogue within communities – among teenagers, between teens and their parents, among parents, and among civic leaders – about the causes of and solutions to crashes.”

State Farm Insurance and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia  (CHOP) are actively joining in support of National Teen Driver Safety Week.  They share an alliance in ongoing research and outreach initiatives that can ultimately help reduce the risk of crash injury for teen drivers and those that share the road with them, according to CHOP’s and State Farm’s websites. 

Rookie Driver.Net’s products are designed by teens and can be found at http://www.RookieDriver.Net. The firm has grown from a single product, launched in 2006, to a leading online provider of safety aids. Visit their teen driving safety blog at

Or, visit Rookie Driver.Net’s Media Room at


Corinne Fortenbacher, President

Rookie Driver.Net


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Website: http://www.RookieDriver.Net

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