Defensive Driving

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As a parent, you have had many years of driving experience and know a lot about defensive driving. Defensive driving is a crucial component of safe driving. The following information is valuable for drivers of any age, so please share it with your teen.

Being a defensive driver means all of your attention is on the road. Defensive driving is a mentality; it means making decisions that are safe, even if you have the right of way. Always be on the lookout for aggressive drivers, who run red lights, go when it’s not their turn, etc.

Here are some critical things to remember:

¨     Go the speed limit – Going too fast will inhibit your stopping ability as well as your reaction time.

¨     Don’t tailgate – If the vehicle in front of you needs to stop quickly, you will crash into it. Besides it is rude.

¨     Don’t drive in the passing lane for extended periods of time – This is not what the passing lane is meant for. Respect other drivers by passing and returning to the right-hand lane.

¨     Move into the passing lane when traffic is merging onto the highway – This is a courtesy to other drivers.

¨     Don’t cut people off – Be considerate of other drivers. By cutting in front of them you are endangering your own life as well as those around you.

Another reason to refrain from these unsafe driving practices is road rage. You never know what type of person you just offended or what type of behavior to expect when you’re stopped next to him at the next red light. Don’t put yourself in dangerous situations. These are just a few of the many things you may come across on the road. Make defensive driving your mindset, and when in doubt make the defensive decision.



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