Be one of the kids that make it through the school year. Be smart, drive smart.

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It’s September and many teenagers are driving themselves to high school. Other teenagers will be driving to college for the first time. Its time to have a serious discussion about driving. Actually, its past time. Lets talk about how you can be a better driver. 

Use space cushion driving
You can not hit a vehicle, or have an accident with another vehicle if the other vehicle is not
around you. When you drive on a highway, do not drive with cars right next you. If some one wants to drive next to you, slow down, you do not want company. When a problem happens and the guy next to you has no where to go,where does he go?  Right into you, thats where! He can not hit you if you are not next to him.

The left lane is a passing lane
The left lane is a passing lane, it is not meant to be driven in constantly. Only in America do cars drive continually in the left lane, forcing other cars to pass on the right. You should be driving in the right lane. The left lane is for passing. A number of accidents occur because some people insist on driving in the left lane, annoying the drivers behind them and forcing them to pass on the right. Drive to the right, and you will get into less trouble with other drivers.

Parking lots are unbelievably dangerous
Many accidents occur in supermarkets, malls, movies, and other parking facilities. The reason is that drivers feel secure in those locations and tend to drive at faster speeds than what is reasonable. You can not see around corners, and therefore you should be driving slower. 

Look in the direction that you are driving
When you back up, turn your body around and look out the back window. Do not face forward and back up, even if you are using mirrors. You have to be able to see the blind spots. This is especially true when driving an SUV. Many times you will be higher than the driver in the vehicle behind you. This means you will have no idea who is behind you. Yes, you should be using mirrors as well, but you actually want to see out of the back window if that’s the direction you are going in.

No cell phones, no food
When you are driving, the only thing in your hands should be the steering wheel. Forget about cell phones and food. Concentrate on the road, and you will stay alive to make that phone call or to eat at another time.

Build a cushion of experience
You need road time or time behind the wheel to build up the natural experience that is now intuitive to drivers who have been on the road for a while. Take it easy at first, your time will come.

Know who you are driving with
You can be taught everything there is to know about driving. The problem is…what happens when you get into the car as a passenger with some other driver who isn’t as experienced?  Think about who you are getting into that car with. If they are drunk, don’t even think about getting in.  If they drive too fast or wreckless – do not ride with them.


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