Teens need better driving lessons

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J. Devin Bachman –Community Press Guest Columnist

 Community Press Guest Columnist         

Because of the recent news concerning teen driving, I thought it would be nice to address this issue from a teen driver’s point of view. I do not believe changing the age to get your driver’s license is the answer because many of us face complex schedules where there is a need for us to drive.

Today, many teens are involved in extra-curricular activities such as athletics, music programs, academic teams, actively involved in the community and jobs. Teenage involvement in these activities make it difficult for parents to transport their students to these various commitments. Many people say we should not be involved in so many things, however these are the activities that colleges look at in addition to academics. Things are different than when many of our parents and grandparents grew up because in most families both parents work and there are not other ways of transportation available for us to get around. Additionally, many school districts have cut busing and the new Ohio law prohibiting the number of passengers in a vehicle put more teen drivers on the road.

I also think, however, that it is much too easy for teens to get a license. The classes are horrible and the instructors do not teach you anything. Yes, they can show us videos and give us book work, but are we really learning anything? The class time to me was not meaningful. The in-car practice teaches you nothing because your parents help out with that and the instructors only put you on back roads. They never really put you on roads where you are forced to be aware and show that you can be a good driver. The test is too easy, and it doesn’t take much effort from the teenagers.

The maneuverability can easily be mastered with practice and besides, what is the real purpose of the maneuverability test? I sit and think to myself when will I ever put this test/drill to use … never. And, the test is as weak as the in-car classes because it takes you on back and easy roads again rather than testing what you know. Many teenagers have a license and take it for granted. I think teens should have more in-car classes/teachings (with parents and instructors). This will give us teenagers a chance to actually get to know what is right and wrong so we actually know what to do in certain situations.

Teenagers also should be taught in classrooms with more of a class environment and having better, more qualified teachers to teach the teens instead of showing videos and having us teens copy senseless information out of a book or pamphlet.

Yes, teenagers need to be able to have the freedom of getting a license, but it needs to be taken seriously and not easily, and not be easily obtained.

Source:  Cincinnati.Com  »  Community Press & Recorder  »  Teens need better driving lessons 



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