Ford’s Driver Education Videos

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 Ford’s Driver Education Videos May 31, 2007 

Ford created this Driving Skills For Life program in the US to help reduce teen driver accidents. The program teaches then how to handle most situations where the car is in a dangerous position – during accidental skids, accident avoidance, and etc. Now Ford has provided 9 different driving tip videos on their website, and I’ve decided to put them up hosting on my own server for faster loading. Do watch all of them if you have time, it doesn’t harm trying to learn something new. I hope you find them useful.


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  1. Good evening, this is Trish with Ponchatoula Driving Academy. I recently purchased this academy and I see where we have videos for educational reaching from ford motor. We would love to purchase the any current videos pertaining to driver safety,driver distractions,interstate driving,vehicle control,ABS braking,texting & cell phone usage,drinking/drug while driving & any other material that would be helpful to teen driving and safety. Thanks in advance,
    Ponchatoula Driving Academy
    Trish Cancienne

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